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Welcome to The Mark Cuban Podcast, where we dive into the worlds of business, technology, and investment through the eyes of entrepreneur Mark Cuban. Each episode, Mark shares insights from his own experiences, ranging from his start-up days to his successes on “Shark Tank.”

We also bring on a variety of guest experts and innovators who discuss trends, challenges, and opportunities in today’s fast-paced markets. Tune in for straightforward discussions that aim to educate and inspire anyone with an interest in entrepreneurship.

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Hey there, I'm your host!

You might recognize me from the podcasting world with series like “AI Chat,” “AI Applied,” and “AI Hustle,” which collectively rack up over 3 million downloads each year. I also run a company named AI Box, where we focus on creating AI tools that anyone can use, no coding skills required. We’re all about making AI accessible to a broader audience.

My interest in combining digital marketing and AI started during my time teaching at a university. That experience has been incredibly beneficial, especially now as I try to explain AI in terms everyone can understand, even those without a tech background.

Jaeden Schafer

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