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At Podcast Studio, we are passionate about creating and sharing compelling podcast content. Our podcast studio and network features a diverse array of shows produced with professional quality, offering something for every listener.

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Whether you’re recording your first podcast episode, streaming live to an audience, or producing a video for your brand, our studio is your go-to destination for creating compelling content that resonates with your audience.

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Our cross streets are Country Club and Southern in Mesa. 

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I started the AI Chat podcast in February 2023 as a way to better reach my audience for a software project I was working on. Little did I know, the podcast would explode and go on to get 2M+ listens in the first year. Through the podcast, I've had the incredible opportunity to network and meet with some of the top AI minds in the world, including co-founders of Oculus and many other incredible companies.

I realized the value of podcasting as a medium and also used the Podcast to raise $500,000+ for a new startup I was launching. Whether you are using it for networking, to share your message, or to grow your business, podcasting is one of the greatest mediums for connecting with your audience, peers, and growing your personal brand.

Podcast Studio AZ in Mesa was born out of my own need to create a place with state of the art equipment to interview incredible guests from around the world. I’d love to share the space with you and help you bring your ideas to life in this creative space.
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Jaeden Schafer
Founder, Podcast Studio AZ

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