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Welcome to the No Priors AI podcast, where we break down the complex world of artificial intelligence into understandable chunks. Each week, we tackle a new topic, explaining how AI impacts our lives, industries, and the future, all in plain language.

We invite experts, pioneers, and professionals to share their knowledge and real-world experiences with AI. Whether you’re a newbie or just curious about AI, join us to demystify this fascinating field.

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Hey there, I'm your host!

You might recognize my name from the podcasting scene—I host several shows centered around AI, such as “AI Chat,” “AI Applied,” and “AI Hustle.” Collectively, these podcasts attract over 3 million downloads annually. Additionally, I run a company named AI Box, where we strive to develop AI tools that are easy for everyone to use, even if you’ve never written a line of code. Our aim is to make AI more accessible to a broader audience.

During my time as a university lecturer, I became deeply interested in the synergy between digital marketing and AI. This background in education has been incredibly beneficial, particularly now as I discuss AI in a way that I hope is clear and relatable for everyone, regardless of their technical expertise.

Jaeden Schafer

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