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Welcome to the Daily Crunch AI podcast, where we break down the latest developments in artificial intelligence every day. Tune in to hear short, insightful episodes that cover the newest trends, breakthroughs, and challenges in the AI space.

Whether you’re an AI enthusiast, a professional in the field, or just curious about how AI technology is evolving, there’s something here for you. Join us for a daily dose of all things AI, served fresh and easy to digest.

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Hey there, I'm your host!

You might recognize me from the podcasting world with series like “AI Chat,” “AI Applied,” and “AI Hustle,” which together rake in more than 3 million downloads each year. Besides that, I run a company named AI Box, where we’re dedicated to developing AI tools that anyone can use, no coding knowledge necessary. Our main aim is to democratize AI technology, making it accessible to more people.

During my stint as a university professor, I developed a keen interest in the integration of digital marketing and AI. That experience has proven to be incredibly valuable, especially now as I strive to explain AI in clear, straightforward terms to an audience that may not have a technical background.

Jaeden Schafer

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