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Welcome to the Artificial Intelligence podcast, where we explore the simple truths and practical applications of AI in everyday life. Each week, we break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand discussions, perfect for anyone curious about how this technology is shaping our world. 

Join us as we talk to experts, share stories, and uncover the real impact of AI on our jobs, homes, and communities. Tune in to stay informed and inspired by the possibilities that AI brings to our daily experiences.

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Hey there, I'm your host!

You might recognize my voice from the podcasting world—I host a few shows about AI, like “AI Chat,” “AI Applied,” and “AI Hustle.” These podcasts attract over 3 million downloads each year. I also run a company called AI Box, where we’re dedicated to making AI tools accessible to everyone, even if you don’t know how to code. We believe in making AI easy to use for more people.

I used to teach at a university, where I developed a keen interest in how digital marketing and AI can complement each other. This background in teaching has been incredibly valuable, especially now as I try to discuss AI in a way that’s understandable to everyone, not just those in the tech field.

Jaeden Schafer

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