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Welcome to the AI in Business podcast, where we explore how artificial intelligence is transforming the corporate world. In each episode, we dive into practical examples of AI deployment across different industries, shedding light on both successes and lessons learned.

We’ll talk with business leaders, innovators, and analysts who are at the forefront of integrating AI into their strategies. Join us to uncover the real impact of AI on business and how it’s shaping the future of industries.

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Hey there, I'm your host!

You might recognize my voice from a few popular AI-focused podcasts, like “AI Chat,” “AI Applied,” and “AI Hustle,” which collectively rack up over 3 million downloads each year. I also run a company called AI Box, where we’re committed to creating AI tools that are easy for everyone to use, no coding required. Our mission is to make AI more accessible to a wider audience.

My background includes teaching at a university, where I became fascinated by the intersection of digital marketing and AI. This experience has been incredibly valuable, especially now as I strive to explain AI in a way that is easy to understand, whether you’re a tech pro or just starting to dip your toes into the world of artificial intelligence.

Jaeden Schafer

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