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Our studio offers a complete setup for video and podcast projects, ensuring your next work shines.
With a skilled video technician on hand for support, we deliver recordings with crystal-clear sound and excellent video quality.

Full Video and Content Studio

Our studio is made for content creation, fitting for podcasting, live streaming, and making videos. It works well for both personal uses and business projects, addressing the needs of many kinds of creators. Whether you aim to make movies or host podcasts, our studio is a place where your creativity can bloom and your ideas can take shape.

We promise to provide creators with the necessary tools to turn their visions into reality, making sure that every project is of the highest quality.

Equipment and Studio

In our studio, we have the latest technology to support content production. This includes top-notch microphones for clear podcast audio, advanced cameras for capturing impressive video footage, and reliable streaming gear for live broadcasts.

But it’s not just about the equipment. We also offer a supportive environment where creators can excel. Our experienced team is always available to assist with technical needs, offer advice, or help refine your project’s vision.

Podcasts We Produce

If you’re launching your first podcast, streaming live to your audience, or producing a video for your brand, our studio is the place to be for creating compelling content that connects with your viewers.

Downloads on Podcasts Episodes We've Produced

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Our cross streets are Country Club and Southern in Mesa. 

Our Story

I started the AI Chat podcast in February 2023 as a way to better reach my audience for a software project I was working on. Little did I know, the podcast would explode and go on to get 2M+ listens in the first year. Through the podcast, I've had the incredible opportunity to network and meet with some of the top AI minds in the world, including co-founders of Oculus and many other incredible companies.

I realized the value of podcasting as a medium and also used the Podcast to raise $500,000+ for a new startup I was launching. Whether you are using it for networking, to share your message, or to grow your business, podcasting is one of the greatest mediums for connecting with your audience, peers, and growing your personal brand.

Podcast Studio AZ in Mesa was born out of my own need to create a place with state of the art equipment to interview incredible guests from around the world. I’d love to share the space with you and help you bring your ideas to life in this creative space.
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Jaeden Schafer
Founder, Podcast Studio AZ

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